SAGE has migrated to Inkscape 0.91

Everybody seems happy with Inkscape 0.48.4 SAGE 4.14, and didn’t bother to request us to migrate to the Inkscape 0.91, which launched more than a year ago. Anyhow, we still feel there’s a need to keep up with the latest repository to ensure you can enjoy the most out of SAGE.

If you take a look of the release note of 0.91, most of the enhancements are on speed and stability. And the very detail of artworks like tweaking the node.

You should really download the R.C. of Inkscape 0.91 SAGE 4.16 and give it a spin. Check out the new features, see what nice features that you haven’t been using. Not only to enhance your drawing skill but on productivity. Afterall, Inkscape SAGE is the most powerful SCADA Animation Graphic Editor, you don’t have to learn all, but there’s always something new to explore.

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