8 Reasons why you should use Ecava Kiosk-it

ecava kiosk-it kiosk software

1. Protection

Keyboard are locked from exiting or closing the application, even pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del or Alt+F4 will require user’s credential. Other than preventing interruption, Kiosk-it restricts non relevant user access as well as transferring suspicious data to your system or devices.

2. Low price

Ecava Kiosk-it is selling only at the lowest price, that assures your saving for your project budget.

3. Tiny installation size / Lightweight

Unlike other kiosk software, Ecava Kiosk-it is so lightweight that leaves almost zero burden to your system. Even the installer itself is tiny and takes only approximately 20MB of size.

4. Simplest Configuration

Configuration for Ecava Kiosk-it could never be easier. You only need to double click to launch the software, then enter in your URL, that’s it! There is absolutely no cumbersome configuration for your system registries or whatsoever.

5. Chromium code based

Ecava Kiosk-it is developed based on Chromium code base, the very same for Google Chrome, which grants you stability and reliability.

6. No plugins required

Ecava Kiosk-it can run on minimum system requirements, without any plugin or extra installation needed to convert your devices into kiosks.

7. Auto or Manual Startup

You can choose to launch Kiosk-it with the desired URL automatically upon every system startup, or manually launching it each time. You get the freedom on how and when you want to use it.

8. Autofit different screen size

Ecava Kiosk-it is capable to adjust itself to fully fit into different screens without any additional configuration required, despite any size or resolution.