10 Things You Need to Know About Ecava IGX
  1. Ecava IGX Web SCADA is a fully functional solution with high performance native drivers, developed based on standard web technologies with adopted Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) to enable lossless view on HMI mimic.
  2. Ecava IGX is the leading web SCADA that supported more than 80% of the mostly used Ethernet drivers and had its first version deployed as early as year 2003. To date, it has been successfully implemented in 50 countries in more than thousand of installation sites.
  3. Ecava IGX SCADA is designed for mission critical applications by observing security measures according to OWASP recommendations, it was used widely in oil & gas industry, airport, hospital, financial hub and even nuclear plant.
  4. It is developed to claim the lightest and fastest title by consuming only minimum system requirements but achieving the maximum outcome.
  5. Ecava IGX is the first SCADA with responsive HMI that can autofit all devices’ screens.
  6. Compared to other SCADA, Ecava IGX’s installation is so simple that it only takes you one (1) minute, and it can be run immediately after.
  7. It can run on any web browser without a single download or plugin.
  8. It also comes with the IIoT approach which connects the SCADA to cloud for easy access via internet.
  9. Ecava IGX is 100% customizable from the project’s configuration to the front-end’s HMI graphics. We even provide the free graphic development tool (Inkscape SAGE) for you to draw to freedom.
  10. Ecava IGX SCADA provides the following modules and key features:
  • Native drivers (communication protocols)
  • Data logging
  • Report
  • Trending
  • User access and management
  • HTTPS / SSL Encrypted Security
  • Redundancy
  • Service module
  • Alarm & VoIP notification
  • Thick client
  • Thin client
  • Internet Gateway (IIoT)
  • Lossless Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) adoption
  • Responsive cross resolution HMI

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