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  • IntegraXor 3.60.4090 dated 30 May 2011 Change Log

    User Security is now comes with Sectioned Security Control, the best thing is it works in conjunction with existing Leveled Security Control. They can work separately or both combined. Leveled Security Control is a plant wide implementation, Sectioned Security Control is being added on top so that one big plant can be splitted into several […]

  • IntegraXor 3.60.4080 dated 09 May 2011 Change Log

    It has been quite a while since the last official release, lots of works have been done on Alarm output. + Added option to set email encoding in “UTF-8” or “US-ASCII”. + Added email subject (title) which is customizable based on tokenized string like screen shot. + Allow two types of alarm messages, one for […]

  • IntegraXor 3.60.4050 dated 23Mar11

    This version is the official version of previous beta, except HTML visual editing which is still in preliminary stage has been taken out. This version is released mainly for previously announced SQL unauthenticated vulnerability fix, as an additional note, this vulnerability allows attacker to access historical data in database, but no I/O devices can be […]

  • Security Issue SQL Unauthenticated Vulnerability Note

    Earlier we announced that SQL vulnerability issue has been resolved by adding Read/Write security control onto database configuration, however the security researcher Dan Rosenberg from VSR claimed that the vulnerability is not fully patched. We were forced to put this issue aside as we have putting on hold too many other features request earlier, and […]

  • IntegraXor 3.60.4040 dated 09 Mar 11 Change Log

    We have been holding too long on this latest official release, as we were working hard on some stability and security issues. So this release has got no surprises on new features but purely on security and stability improvement. However, if you are looking for new features, check out the beta release which has more […]

  • IntegraXor 3.6.4000.5 Change Log – 12Jan11

    + Added SQL Database Authentication with Read/Write level control. ^ Tag Watch List can be saved across session. ^ Server stability improvement. * Debugging message in status output window will be hidden when debug mode is turned off. Every database could have its own read and write level setting which associated to User level/privilege setting. […]

  • IntegraXor 3.6.4000.0 dated 17 Dec 2010 Change Log

    + Added most waited innovative report module, allowing one time layout configuration for both display and printout at one go. + Added setSql() and getSql() for more convenient database interactions. + Added table import/export function for faster data entry work. + Added OPC server into standard release. ^ PE save tables based on proper dependency […]

  • You can now spray with Inkscape 0.48

    It has been quite a while that we hold IntegraXor users to work on Inkscape 0.46. Finally our SAGE developer Teow has managed to spend some times to migrate SAGE to the latest version of Inkscape 0.48. Spray is not the only feature that added into Inkscape 0.48 release, there are a lot more to […]

  • IntegraXor 3.5.3900.10 dated 08 Oct 2010 Change Log

    Updated front-end Alarm Viewer for faster loading over slow Internet connection. Updated minor section of documentation. Fixed stability issue for specific add-in module.

  • IntegraXor 3.5.3900.5 dated 15 Sep 2010 Change Log

    Added find and replace. Added always on top option. Added email output support, which allows alarm to be sent via email. Added Modbus driver string data type support and fixed ASCII mode bug. Added interval timer support, configured via Timer table. Added tooltip help for each column header in all table grid. Added configuration for […]