You can now spray with Inkscape 0.48

It has been quite a while that we hold IntegraXor users to work on Inkscape 0.46. Finally our SAGE developer Teow has managed to spend some times to migrate SAGE to the latest version of Inkscape 0.48.

Spray is not the only feature that added into Inkscape 0.48 release, there are a lot more to discover, but if you think you have had enough tool to draw a SCADA mimic, then you will still be able to enjoy more stability. Anyhow, as it turns out and we discovered, many users do not just use Inkscape SAGE for SCADA, so just download this latest version of Inkscape and start spraying some snowflakes now!

Season's Greetings


Snowflakes drawn by: molumen.
Snowman drawn by: TheresaKnott.