IntegraXor 3.6.4000.0 dated 17 Dec 2010 Change Log
  1. + Added most waited innovative report module, allowing one time layout configuration for both display and printout at one go.
  2. + Added setSql() and getSql() for more convenient database interactions.
  3. + Added table import/export function for faster data entry work.
  4. + Added OPC server into standard release.
  5. ^ PE save tables based on proper dependency order.
  6. ^ PE file view auto refresh.
  7. ^ PE text editor supports code folding for html and script files.
  8. ^ PE fix problem openning projects from MRU when there is 1 or more table already opened.
  9. ^ Server GUI port monitor splitter pane is now resizable.
  10. ^ Support system tags as alarm and script trigger.
  11. ^ Server script won’t cause stack overflow when the script calls itself.
  12. ^ Improved comm. establishment for OPC driver connection.
  13. ^ Improved system stability.
  14. * Driver treats connection as disconnected only if timeout.
  15. * Fixed varios PE project saving bugs.
  16. * Fixed alarm task bugs.

3 steps report creation

A Simple Report Layout with Automated Archiving Interface Buttons