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  • IGX Lite 32 I/O (30% Off)
  • SCADA Security

    IGX SCADA is designed for mission critical applications by observing security measures according to OWASP recommendations, it was used by our users in oil & gas industry, airport, hospital, financial hub and even nuclear plant. IGX allows you to have user credential control in two aspects. One is the ordinary plant wide Level controls, and another […]

  • SCADA Tags

    SCADA has got three types of tags, I/O tag (external), virtual tag (internal) and runtime (memory) tag that add during runtime. Only I/O tag is associated to I/O count and virtual & runtime tags has no limit and is completely free! The tags are systematically organized under device folder tree, and there’s no limit to create […]

  • SCADA Database

    IGX designed to integrate with SQL relational database from ground up, and it doesn’t contain any proprietary database but always open for external integration with ODBC so long the credential is provided. This mean IGX can integrate with virtually all database system, including two major commercial database: MS SQL & Oracle, as well as two […]

  • SCADA Mimic Client

    IGX Web SCADA offers fast & simple development as fully functional solution with high performance native drivers, without needing you to know HTML5 & CSS3. It is completely developed based on standard web technologies with Browser Server Thin Client Architecture that comprises of HTML5, CSS3. This mean you can view the mimic in all modern […]