SCADA Database

IGX designed to integrate with SQL relational database from ground up, and it doesn’t contain any proprietary database but always open for external integration with ODBC so long the credential is provided. This mean IGX can integrate with virtually all database system, including two major commercial database: MS SQL & Oracle, as well as two major open source database PostgresQL & MySQL

The database is used for Alarm, Historian, Reporting and any other storing purpose. This mean you are free to store the production data either locally or remotely, integrate with existing enterprise database, or anything in the cloud, then export the data into CSV for spreadsheet work. Work with any third party database management tool, and also replication system for backing up purpose

Technically, there’s no limit of the storage size but limited according to the disk size. Furthermore, the database system equipped with FIFO management, so you don’t have to worry about the database used up the storage space, saving your maintenance work to remove old and unused database.