SCADA has got three types of tags, I/O tag (external), virtual tag (internal) and runtime (memory) tag that add during runtime. Only I/O tag is associated to I/O count and virtual & runtime tags has no limit and is completely free!

The tags are systematically organized under device folder tree, and there’s no limit to create the associated device so long the I/O count is within the license configuration.  For instance, if you purchase a license for 32 I/O count, you can then configure 32 tags at different addresses for one device, or 32 devices at different IP with only 1 tag.

All I/O tags can be formulated with engineering conversion from a simple scaling like x 10 and x 0.1, or to more complicated conversion like Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa, using simple, standard and open JavaScript. Yes, the tag can be freely used with JavaScript in HTML5 world using getTag() and setTag() functions throughout your entire project, from front-end within browser to backend at server side.