Setup PostgresQL Database for SCADA

Installing PostgresQL Database for SCADA can be easily done using default configuration with the following steps.

  1. Download & install PostgresQL core database for Windows. The only thing you need to think ahead is the superuser password.
  2. Download & install PostgresQL ODBC driver. And then just click through the installation wizard.
  3. Paste the whole string directly into IGX Project Editor’s database task’s Connection String field:

    Provider=MSDASQL;Password=password;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=postgres;Extended Properties="Driver={PostgreSQL UNICODE};Server=;Port=5432;Database=postgres;"


  4. After pasting into the P.E., click on browsing button […] at the end of the Connection String cell will pop up the Data Link Properties.
  5. Change the password as per what entered during installation in first step.
  6. Click on the “Test Connection” button to validate. You shall get “Test connection succeeded.” if everything is OK.

You may then proceed to start the SCADA engine but in any case you get error messages while clicking on “Test Connection” button, Look out ODBC Driver Troubleshooting guide.

IMPORTANT: Do not use ODBC driver or later that released after 2015, which tested failed with compatibility issues.

NOTE: Read more HERE on how to create a PostgreSQL database for your SCADA usage.