Create PostgreSQL Database for SCADA

In order to use SCADA modules / features like Trending, Alarm and Report for your project, it is required to create the database in PostgreSQL before configuring other database dependent module in IGX Project Editor.
The steps to create a database in PostgreSQL are simple.

  1. Launch pgAdmin from your Windows. (You can simply click on Windows Start and search for “pgAdmin”.
  2. After the user interface loaded, right click on “Databases” and select “Create” > “Database”.
  3. A configuration window shall be opened (as shown below). Enter your desired database name for your dedicated SCADA report, and click on “Save”.
  4. That’s it. Your report database has been created. You may verify it by expanding the “Databases” branch and locate your newly created database.

In case you wonder, you don’t have to create any table for SCADA, as all required tables will be automatically generated for you.