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  • IO Hub Pro sub
  • Cluster Module Subscription

    Cluster module allows you to massively scale and distribute your SCADA installation over large network or geographical area. You may use cluster as I/O gateway, or isolate database related tasks like historian, alarm or report to another machine to break any bottleneck. You may also duplicate any module as many as you like to achieve […]

  • Datamap Module Subscription

    Datamap is a small and easy module that can be used for any data viewing or recording purpose. It can be used for equipment/maintenance list, or simply as a data map to any database table for visual, record, reporting or any info management purpose. Datamap can be functioned as Recipe whereby the recorded parameter can […]

  • Satec Module Sub

    Satec Module Subscription This module allows you to integrate with SATEC Power Meter with best performance.

  • MQTT-Sub Pro sub
  • MQTT-Pub Pro sub
  • Project Editor FULL Subscription

    Ecava IGX Project Editor FULL Subscription Buy 1 Year Project Editor Subscription as the developer license. A 1 Year Subscription license for the Ecava IGX SCADA development tools allows you to run a fully functioning development tools for a period of up to 1 year from registration. Subscribed Ecava IGX SCADA developer licenses can be […]

  • Project Editor FREE Subscription

    Ecava IGX Project Editor FREE Subscription FREE 1 Month Project Editor Subscription A 1 Month Subscription license for the Ecava IGX SCADA development tools allow you to run a fully functioning development tools for a period of up to 1 month from registration. Subscribed Ecava IGX SCADA development licenses can be used to develop any […]

  • Demo Extension License DEMO+

    The Demo Extension License (DEMO+) allows you to extend your IGX SCADA demo runtime trial license for 7 days from the time of activation. After activating this DEMO+ trial license, you can let the SCADA project run continuously for up to 7 days as compared to the standard 2 hours demo. You can start and […]

  • Redundancy Module sub

    Adding Redundancy Module into your configuration will double the reliability of your SCADA system by allowing them to run in pair for mission critical operations. Configuring redundancy is as simple as entering a list of peers and then cloning your existing project into another machine, both project configuration on two machines are identical so you […]

  • Additional Support Subscription

    Additional Support means your technical requirement will be prioritized on top of basic email support: Free version upgrade for new features. Prioritized email response for any technical inquiry. Accept online instant chat support to get immediate response. Help to examine project sent in to assist on configuration. Offer live troubleshooting by remote-in using remote access […]

  • Thin Client Connection for Browser sub

    IGX is a pure web SCADA that built in with native web server that supports HTML5 and CSS3 standards. It’s very lightweight and there’s no additional IIS or cumbersome yet separated web server needed. The crisp and clear display of its surreal SVG web content is fast, secure and reliable with its lean and light […]

  • Thick Client Connection for Kioskit sub

    Ecava Kiosk-it is a Kiosk software developed based on Chromium code base, the very same for Google Chrome. It is secure, compatible & reliable to be used with any HTML5 application. Kiosk-it has all-in-one easy deployment mechanism, you can focus at your application and don’t have to worry about any cumbersome registry configuration. This mean […]

  • Service Module sub

    Service module allows non-admin user to run IGX SCADA project in the background without showing backend interface. It will auto run upon Operating System startup, without needing user to sign in, and will continue to run at the background even after user sign out from Operating System.

  • Report Module sub

    IGX Report Module can help you to generate production report with ease with its innovative patented technology. All you need to focus is on the report layout and the report engine will automatically fetch the associated data from relevant source and store into database automatically. This mean you totally don’t have to bother about creating […]