Demo Extension License DEMO+

The Demo Extension License (DEMO+) allows you to extend your IGX SCADA demo runtime trial license for 7 days from the time of activation. After activating this DEMO+ trial license, you can let the SCADA project run continuously for up to 7 days as compared to the standard 2 hours demo. You can start and stop the project for any number of times during this 7 days period. During this extended DEMO+ period, all IGX SCADA features (except Remote Clients: Limit 5) will be enabled for you to fully trial your project/application before purchasing the full license or upgrade license.

Demo Time Extension

The DEMO+ extended trial license of 7 days allows you to:

  • Get 7 (seven) full days to fully test your SCADA project with your hardware and environment of choice.
  • Deploy your SCADA project to site while waiting for the purchasing department to acquire the full license.
  • Ensure that your SCADA project will run continuously on the day of an important presentation to a customer or superiors.
  • Test an optional module / an additional driver on top of an existing full license before upgrading.
  • Collect sufficient logged data to see trend lines over various periods of the day and week.
  • Observe performance and behavior of the project/hardware/integration over various periods of the day and week.
  • Monitor for reliability and efficacy of time based triggers/events such as alarms, reports and scripts for periods longer than 2 hours.
You can activate the DEMO+ extension for any licensed/unlicensed project for 7 days. Upon expiry of 7 days, you can reinstate the previous full purchased license.
If you apply any full license (perpetual or subscription) or another DEMO+ extension before the current 7 days DEMO+ extension has ended, balance of the remaining unused time will be forfeited. If you require 14 days trial, you may purchase 2 DEMO+ extension license and so on and so forth. However, be reminded again that you should only apply one license at a time, the next DEMO+ can only be applied after a cooling off period when the running DEMO+ license has expired after 7 days and the project has had a complete shutdown. In other words, DEMO+ license shall not be abused for production or any other purpose that requires running more than 7 days. If you require longer periodic licensing, please check out our subscription-based licenses.

This DEMO+ extension license is not refundable. Maximum number of DEMO+ that can be used per project is 4.

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