‘s’ is short for ‘short’

Nowadays many gurus and web developers are so obsessed with fast performance web site. One of the common techniques used is to compress almost everything that will deliver through the Internet connections. Other than multimedia data, Internet data is still very much ASCII or text oriented, so it’s very much about shortening the string when come to compression. We are also concerned about separating static content as cookiesless domain. After looking into all these techniques, the name of the items involved seems to start by letter ‘s’. To prevent wasting any single byte for naming, it make sense to name everything as ‘s’ but leave the extension to differentiate them.

Item Name Description
script s.js JavaScript files need to be compressed and combined into one, the name is shorten as s.js, whereby ‘s’ stands for script.
style s.css CSS files need to be compressed and combined into one, so the name also shorten as s whereby ‘s’ stands for style.
shortcut icon s.ico In order to make favicon.ico cacheable, we can’t just name it as favicon.ico and leave it in the root directory, we will also need to shorten the name to s.ico and store it in the static domain, where by ‘s’ stands for ‘shortcut icon’.
static s.domain.com In order to create a cookiesless domain, a static directory needs to be created for storing the above contents and also screens or images. So we might as well create a subdomain as s.domain.com, and put almost everything except html files into this directory. ‘s’ is for static, ‘s’ is for screens, ‘s’ is a sum for all.