Need Google Chrome in Kiosk Mode with exit keys locked down?

In some environment, it is highly desirable for the terminal to be locked down and only display the desired interface for the user without the user being able to tamper with any other aspects of the terminal. This holds true not only in the industrial environment (terminals in the form of HMI) but also in the public space (interactive information kiosk for example). With that in mind, Ecava has developed a solution aptly named as Ecava Kioskit.

To put it simply, Kioskit is a web browser based on Chromium. What makes it different from the normal web browser is the host lockdown feature. Kioskit runs an arbitrary web page in full screen without any of the usual browser user interface in sight. This forces the user to use only the configured website and prevents user from navigating to different site or exiting the software. To prevent the more adventurous user, most keyboard shortcuts are either disabled or modified to popup a login window and only authenticated login credentials are privileged to exit the software.

“So how do I configure Kioskit?” you may ask. Configuring Kioskit is pretty simple. In fact it couldn’t get any simpler than this. When Kioskit is run, it will first ask for the URL of the web site to be displayed in full screen. After entering the URL, you have the choice of either Manual Start or Auto Startup. This is where the magic happens. Depending on the target web site, if the entered URL points to an instance of our very own Ecava IntegraXor, Kioskit will make use of the user database in IntegraXor for authentication. On the other hand, if the appointed web site is not an instance of IntegraXor, Kioskit will make use of Kioskit’s locally available username and password for authentication. Either way, after choosing, Kioskit will start loading the web page in full screen straight away and that’s it! You’ve succesfully configured Kioskit.

Please head over to our Kioskit page to download the latest version of Ecava Kioskit.