IntegraXor 3.71.4220 dated 22 Mar 2012 Change Log

We haven’t added much features but mainly upgrading the version for efficiency & reliability. Since Ester is around the corner and we have nothing new to excite you, for a surprise, we would like to take this opportunity to show you one of the long hidden feature, SQL Query Tool.

To find this Ester Egg, open up Project Editor with any project, then you need to open up File Pane under View menu (or press Ctrl+Shift+F). Drill down to open up SQL folder and click on query.sql. Ta da! you shall see the following SQL Query Tool shows on your screen.

Well, not exactly, you won’t see the query result at the bottom right corner yet. Now you need to click on the drop down list to pick your desired database for query. And then highlight the SQL statement before clicking the Executing button.

This SQL Query Tool is being used by our in-house engineers and why aren’t we sharing out in the past? It’s simply because this feature is not fully developed so we are not officially supporting it yet. It’s very convenient and useful if you use it gently, below are the found bugs that yet to fix:

  • Short cut key for Execute (F5) doesn’t work, you must click on Execute button.
  • Any highlight of the SQL statement or text will stop the keyboard navigation, click any where to proceed.
  • No notification when illegal statement is executed. And previous result appears freeze.
  • Few relevant menu items/icons are disabled.

Although this SQL Query Tool is not fully developed, but it’s not a toy and it will execute any command truthfully, so be warned not to execute any destructive SQL statement on site machine. Also, avoid to do a "select * from log" which may cause P.E. to hang up on big database, but use "select top 100 * from log" instead. If you find this SQL Query Tool useful & like it, simply write to [email protected] to say some good words and the relevant programmers will certainly improve it in the next few release. 🙂