IntegraXor 3.71.4180 dated 07 Oct 2011 Change Log

The public release has finally released. Below is the summary of features again from previous Release Candidates.

The only feature that we haven’t introduced in previous Release Candidates but very obvious to user is that we have now added GUI for Menu Configuration in Project Editor. And it’s totally compatible with previous release. Yes, pretty soon you will see more GUI for existing configurations like Trending & Alarm, stay tuned.

We have spent lots of time on improving database performance. One of the technique applied is multiple/concurrent connections. You may find that browsing through trending data is now more responsive. Unfortunately concurrent connections is not supported by MS Access flat file database, as such we have added retry sequence for any failed transaction, but using MS Access for production database is not a reliable approach and it’s not recommended.

Be reminded again that commercially we were requested by our distributors to shorten the demo period from 2 days to 2 hours due to piracy problem. However, you may ask for longer runtime period from [email protected] if you need longer testing period.