6 Steps to install Windows Embedded Standard 7 to run your SCADA

Ecava IGX Server has been tested on Windows Embedded Standard 7 running on Oracle VM VirtualBox, with simulated hardware specification as follows:
– a single processor
– 512 MB of RAM
– 5 GB of hard disk space.

The test was running on real CPU with Intel Xeon 2.33 GHz processor.

The following are the steps in installing Windows Embedded Standard 7.

1. After inserting your installation CD or DVD into the CD or DVD-ROM drive, the installation screen will show up. Choose “Build and Image”.

2. Accept the license agreement and continue.

3. This step is important. You should choose a suitable template. The minimal configuration uses command line interface with minimal graphical user interface. For ease of use, don’t choose the minimal configuration. For SCADA, the most suitable option is Industrial Automation.

4. Select your language and keyboard input method.

5. This window shows the default drivers and features to be installed. Just proceed if you don’t wish to modify any.

6. Choose the partition of disk drive for the new Windows.

During installation, Windows may restart several times. Don’t boot from the CD or DVD during subsequent reboots because Windows will be loaded from the hard drive. You will need to the product key and some other information. The product key is the most important, so you must have it ready.

The following screenshot shows the Demo project running on IntegraXor Server in Windows Embedded Standard 7.