Engineering Unit or Symbol for HTML based SCADA Report

User often need to add engineering unit into report. Most user tends to use old day’s method to write unit when working environment is constrained to traditional SCADA. For instance degree Celsius is being written as “degC”, meter cube being written as “m3”. This is no longer needed for modern reporting system.

Putting proper unit or symbol into HTML is natively supported and can be easily accomplished. What could do the job is HTML Character Entity Reference that having the following format &name;. It always starts by ampersand character (&) and ends by semicolon (;). For instance, to type degree symbol (°) just enter “°”, to show Superscript 3 (³) then enter “³”. More commonly used engineering unit or symbol can be found at comprehensive list of entity in Wikipedia.

SCADA report layout

A report layout that showing actual unit symbol