Setting Up MQTT

This article will guide users on how to configure a MQTT Publisher and Subscriber using a public broker. It is divided into two parts; Part 1 and Part 2.


Part 1: Configuring the Publisher

  • First of all, user need to enable the MQTT Publisher driver. Select IO Server on the left pane and enable the MQTT Publisher and save.
  • To configure a broker, select MQTT Publisher under IO Server. Create an entry and under MQTT server, type in the address of the public broker and save. If user wishes to use a local broker, type “localhost” under MQTT server.

  • To add a publisher tag, first user must create a virtual tag. Select Virtual under Tag and create a string type tag called “Publisher“. Save.
  • Finally, to assign the tag as a MQTT publisher tag, right-click the tag, select Add to IO Server, select MQTT Publisher, Select Broker and select Tag.
  • Under Topic, type in “/ecava/MQTT/test” and save.

  • User can now start to publish messages to the topic.


Part 2: Configuring the Subscriber

  • Firstly, user need to create a subscriber tag. To do that, under Tag, select IO Driver. Create an entry named “MQTT” and type in “” or “” under Address. Save.

  • On the left pane, select MQTT under IO Driver. Create an entry with a suitable name and select the desired Timer. Under Driver, select the MQTT driver. Save.

  • Select the entry created from the step above on the left pane and create an entry.This entry will be the subscriber tag. Give a suitable name and type in “/ecava/MQTT/test” under Path.

  • User can now subscribe to the topic. Any messages published to the topic will be retrieve by the subscriber tag.

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