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  • IntegraXor 3.6.4000.0 dated 17 Dec 2010 Change Log

    + Added most waited innovative report module, allowing one time layout configuration for both display and printout at one go. + Added setSql() and getSql() for more convenient database interactions. + Added table import/export function for faster data entry work. + Added OPC server into standard release. ^ PE save tables based on proper dependency […]

  • IntegraXor 3.5.3900.10 dated 08 Oct 2010 Change Log

    Updated front-end Alarm Viewer for faster loading over slow Internet connection. Updated minor section of documentation. Fixed stability issue for specific add-in module.

  • IntegraXor 3.5.3900.5 dated 15 Sep 2010 Change Log

    Added find and replace. Added always on top option. Added email output support, which allows alarm to be sent via email. Added Modbus driver string data type support and fixed ASCII mode bug. Added interval timer support, configured via Timer table. Added tooltip help for each column header in all table grid. Added configuration for […]