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  • Redundancy Module

    Adding Redundancy Module into your configuration will double the reliability of your SCADA system by allowing them to run in pair for mission critical operations. Configuring redundancy is as simple as entering a list of peers and then cloning your existing project into another machine, both project configuration on two machines are identical so you […]

  • Internet Gateway

    Something would not be right when your web SCADA cannot be accessed over the Internet, simply because your Internet service doesn’t include the costly static IP. This Internet Gateway module will turn your web SCADA into Internet SCADA, as it allows you to connect to your SCADA over the Internet without needing you to purchase […]

  • Service Module

    Advantages of Service Mode Auto start upon boot up, without signing in. System will continue to run even user sign out. Closing GUI will not disturb operation. No need admin privilege to start, so no UAC prompt. Service mode is more stable because it can auto recover. Service module allows non-admin user to run IGX […]

  • Thick Client Connection for Kioskit

    Ecava Kiosk-it is a Kiosk software developed based on Chromium code base, the very same for Google Chrome. It is secure, compatible & reliable to be used with any HTML5 application. Kiosk-it has all-in-one easy deployment mechanism, you can focus at your application and don’t have to worry about any cumbersome registry configuration. This mean […]

  • Thin Client Connection for Browser

    IGX is a pure web SCADA that built in with native web server that supports HTML5 and CSS3 standards. It’s very lightweight and there’s no additional IIS or cumbersome yet separated web server needed. The crisp and clear display of its surreal SVG web content is fast, secure and reliable with its lean and light […]

  • Report Module

    IGX Report Module can help you to generate production report with ease with its innovative patented technology. All you need to focus is on the report layout then the report engine will automatically fetch the associated data from relevant source and store into database automatically. This mean you totally don’t have to bother about creating […]