Chapter 11. Security

Security in IntegraXor SCADA system is extended into three perspectives, i.e. data, screen & action. "Data" means runtime tags or archive, "Screen" is mimic page, and actions refers to Acknowledging or configuring alarm, Printing, Exporting and Saving. The protection on Screen is limited to Read Control, & the protection for Action is limited to Write control, and the Data integrity can be set in both Read & Write control.

The login authentication can be performed based on the location where the user is logging in to ensure tighter security, and then the restriction of logging sessions is versatile enough that it can be further refined into role and/or user basis. i.e. maximum concurrent logging of session for one particular role, maximum multiple logging session for single user, and combination of both types of logging session.

As compare to simple read permission, write permission (which could well mean making changes or taking control) has even greater configuration details to allow smoother operation of a SCADA system. For instance, an exclusive write permission can be set onto one particular role, or a concurrent write permission can be achieved by granting write permission to several roles, whereby write operation will be performed based on first come first serve basis. Moreover, to allow the greatest possible security configuration, the write permission can be swap with another user or even pass down to another user when logging out.

Security Access based on Role/Area Control