11.3. Protection

Security protection can be applied onto tags, databases, screens access and also operation action. To specify security role for each tag is straightforward, simply enter desired role(s) for each tag. The security access for both read and write is default to no security (world access). And they can be set to either similar or different role set for read and write on single tag. Similarly, the same way of adding security can be extended to Action tags so certain operations can be protected.

Each & individual tags can be protected with different sets of rules for both read and write.

Protection for screen access is bound to opening only, in another word, a mimic screen can be restricted by being viewed from a user based on the role assigned. However, the data within the screen is still fallback and being protected based on the individual tags security control rather than based on the mimic screen itself.

Mimic screen can be restricted to the specific group of user.