11.4. Additional Security Configuration

Greater flexibility in controlling the security can be achieved by configuring additional security setting as a whole. To ensure no excessive login in one system with limited traffic bandwidth, enter the maximum number into Project Concurrent Login .

Additional details for security control.

The option of Exclusive Write Mode is meant to allow only one role to have write permission throughout the system. If the option 'Highest role's level' is selected, even if a tag is associated to multiple roles, only the role with highest role's level is able to modify the tag value. For example, given the condition that 'tagA' is associated with role Admin which set with level 1000 and Supervisor which set with level 500. When Susan with 'Supervisor' role logged into the system, she will have the write permission for 'tagA'. However, once Eric with 'Admin' role logged into the system, write permission will be given to Eric, due to higher role level. Susan will have to wait for Eric to logout before she is permitted to write on 'tagA' again.

The option of Write Permission Swap is to define the method of assigning write permission. When 'Automatic' mode is selected, assigning write permission will be executed immediately and automatically without the acknowledgment of receiving party. When 'Prompt' mode is selected, consent of the receiving party is required to complete the process. If the receiving party failed to respond within a specific duration, the request will then be disregarded.

To allow automatically pass over the Write Permission, Write Permission Pass Over When Logout will allow Administrator to choose how the permission shall hand over automatically during logout, it can pass over based on IP priority, or based on first login or last login.