10.4. Report Toolbar Menu

Report toolbar menu will be automatically inserted into <div id="idButtons" class="paragraph"></div>, normally placed on top of the page when the layout is viewed on screen. The menu consists of several file management buttons, Save , Open , Close , Print , Export and Delete .

Report Toolbar will be Automatically Added.

Report Toolbar that is available for use in realtime, Save,& Open.

Report Toolbar that is available for use in archive, all available except Save.


Save button is disabled in archive mode. When Save button is clicked in real-time mode, all live data will be archived into database instantly with timestamp. The report will change into archive mode and it will automatically load and show the last saved data. The Close button will then be enabled so end user could go back to real-time mode by closing the last saved archive.


Open button is enable at all time. When Open button is clicked either in real-time or archive mode. A dialog box shall pop up displaying the default directory, prompting operator or end user to select an archive for viewing. Once the archive is open, background shall turn gray to indicate that report viewer has entered into archive mode and data on screen will stop updating. Close button will be enabled in archive mode for operator to put the system back to auto refresh real-time mode.


Clicking Close shall put the system back to real-time mode.


When Print button is clicked, an ordinary printing dialog box shall pop up, so user could print to the desired printer. Print button is available in archive mode.


When Export button is clicked, A dialog box like Save As shall pop up with additional option, so end user can pick to export into HTML file, Comma Separated Values (CSV) file or XML file. Export button is available in archive mode.


Delete button is available in archive mode, when an archive is being viewed. When Delete button is clicked, the currently viewed archive will be prompted to be deleted. System shall automatically go to real-time mode after deleting the archive.