3.3. Inkscape SAGE

Inkscape is a powerful & open-source SVG editor that can produce very impressive mimic, none of the existing SCADA system could generate anything close to Inkscape. Despite its rich and powerful set of drawing tools, it's still surprisingly user friendly. There's already a built in tutorial under Help menu in Inkscape for learning it, and many resources are also available online. One of them is available at http://tavmjong.free.fr/INKSCAPE/MANUAL/html/. This link can be reached by clicking on Help Menu - Inkscape Manual. IntegraXor added a user interface for handling SCADA animation called SCADA Animation Graphic Editor, SAGE.

Inkscape graphic editor.

Inkscape is a professional graphic designer level drawing program, only a few sets of drawing tool need to pay attention with in order to draw a SCADA images as per the next section highlights.

Highlight of essential tools.

  1. Document setting

    Normally width is the screen width, and height is slightly smaller then screen height, depending on requirement of header or alarm bar footer. The basic idea is to choose a size that is proportional to the final screen resolution, as IntegraXor will fit the mimic to the client screen resolution automatically.

    Document properties.

  2. Alignment

    Alignment is a handy tool to ensure tidiness. However, it's not very much required if engineer turn on the grid snap option, this is again up to personal preference.

    Alignment properties.

  3. Font properties

    Shortcut key is 'Shift+Ctrl+T'.

  4. Zoom to whole page

    Shortcut key is 'z' follow by '5'.

  5. Zoom to selection

    Shortcut key is 'z' follow by '3'.

  6. Draw rectangle

    Shortcut key is 'r'. Rectangle can be easily tuned to have round or sharp corner.

  7. Draw circle or semisphere (Ellipse/arc)

    Shortcut key is 'e'.

  8. Draw (Bezier) lines

    Shortcut key is 'b'. Click from point to point for drawing straight line, drag from point to point for drawing curve.

  9. Insert text

    Shortcut key is 't'. Simply click and type to enter text to avoid browser support issue.

  10. Apply gradient effect

    Shortcut key is 'g'.

More information and tips are available in another sub chapter Working with Inkscape