Chapter 3. Getting Started /Tutorial

IntegraXor server is a native Web SCADA system. The back-end is a SCADA system which is equipped with Web Server and the front-end shall be an ordinary web browser. As such knowledge of web technologies will be an advantage for configuring this system in advanced level. However, many libraries has been created for immediate use without much effort. When new project is selected, a project template will be created, and it's equipped with Menu Toolbar, Graphic Viewer, Alarm Viewer and Report Viewer.

A project template is a folder consists of many files and a few subfolders, however, only one key configuration file *.igx will be found in one project folder. Double clicking this *.igx file shall start the project by launching the IntegraXor server automatically. Right click and select 'Edit' would launch the Project Editor for configuration instead. All mimic screens can be developed by using standard compliant HTML or SVG files, and they can all be added into Menu.