17.1. Inkscape SAGE

There are two ways of entering text in SVG, one way is simply click and type, the other way is create a text canvas to type so that text could flow within the 'edit box'. Some new users tends to enter text by first dragging to create a text canvas and type within the canvas. Unfortunately text canvas is not supported by major text browsers running on Windows as of time of writing. So engineer must avoid to use text canvas since none of the major browser support it.

Inkscape supports two types of text entering mechanism, but browsers only display text created from Click & Type.


ASV for I.E. shows blank for text created via canvas.


Firefox shows blank on text canvas.


Google Chrome shows blank on text canvas.

[Warning] Warning

As a designer level graphic editing tool, Inkscape may still crash in certain scenarios and has its own issues. Although this might be rare for standard usage, users are advised to press Ctrl+S to save as frequent as possible to avoid loosing any work.