Chapter 4. Server User Interface

The IntegraXor server interface is pretty straight forward and self explanatory. The layout consists of four major panes and the title bar, menu and icon bar at the top. The first main window is Task Window (Ctrl+Shft+T) which allows user to select the interested task for viewing in Status Window which normally showing Home on its window tab. Task Property Window (Ctrl+Shft+P) further display more information on the current condition of a selected task, for instance, overview of device status for I/O. Lastly, Watch Window (Ctrl+Shft+W) allows user to monitor a list of tags during development and troubleshooting.

IntegraXor main interface.

Four panes can be dragged around, put to auto-hide or float for further customization.

The title bar will always show the project path. A project can be started or stopped by using the Project Start/Stop button on the icon bar, moreover, the specific task can also be started by using the Task Start/Stop button on the icon bar to restart a specific task independently after a new configuration is entered. To do an online restart on a specific task, do select the desired task on the left pane, then the Task Restart button will be enabled.

Tag watch listing for configured tags.

Tag values monitoring or manipulating for troubleshooting can be done via Tag Watch window. Use the filter on top left to narrow down the search, and click on the value to change tag value. Click on star to add to Favorite Tab, or create new Tab for customized tag list of monitoring.

[Note] Note

Although all tasks can be updated online by restarting the specific tasks, or even restarting the whole project, tags in the watch list won't be updated if there's any new tag added or old tag deleted. IntegraXor server must be totally closed and restarted to refresh the watch list.