7.5. Tabulate Data

HTML page is natively excellent in tabulating data. Data could be well aligned and displayed in HTML page easily without much effort. Unlike ordinary HMI/SCADA, data might be out of alignment and displayed with differing sizes of text. Although there's visual editing tool to create HTML table, engineer is encouraged to go for hand coding creation as they will gain full control in styling the table and avoid unnecessary codes.

No coding is needed for tabulating data in HTML page, like previous Tag Access, engineer only needs to include the following script library:

<script type="text/javascript" src="./system/scripts/igrX.js"></script>

To show a tag value to a table cell, name the ID of the particular cell as {attr:'get', tag:'tagname'}.

[Tip] Tip

When a table cell is animated with a tagname, it's recommended to fill up the cell with a Non-Breaking Space, i.e. type &nbsp; into the cell. This shall prevent table rows from adjusting or expanding itself when data is received right after the web page is initially loaded without data.