Chapter 7. Front End Configuration

Since IntegraXor is a standard web server, the front end is obviously built based on HTML code. There will be a slight learning curve for engineer who has not exposed himself or herself to web technologies. As such IntegraXor has built in a lot of code snippets that require very minimal or totally no coding for many standard interfaces.

One good news about web content is it can be built from a huge range of technologies depending on user's level and need. So beginner could choose basic function or feature before exposing to more advance techniques. And the learning resource is so widely available, any interesting web page can be a learning lesson or example by looking into its source. And this standard information is vastly available.

Although the knowledge required to produce web page could be higher than ordinary HMI/SCADA system's front end. However, once the basic knowledge is acquired, engineer shall find that they gain more power to accomplish task in web editing. Moreover, they will find that they can achieve objective easier and faster as compare to ordinary HMI/SCADA. Most importantly, they are extremely reliable.

Basic HTML information is widely available, this document however assumes reader has basic knowledge of HTML and mainly discuss about the concepts of implementation. Should reader require help on basic web technologies, do contact our technical support for further reading.

There are many free and excellent HTML editing tools that are available in the market. Engineer is free to opt for any free text editor like Notepad ++ which can work along with Portable Apps that allows engineer to use it in a thumb or pocket drive without the need of installing it.