7.6. Printing

Printing is again an advantage in HTML work just like data tabulation. Report generation or printing for many ordinary HMI/SCADA can be a nightmare, not only it is difficult to generate, it could also be unreliable. Unlike other HMI/SCADA system, IntegraXor leveraged on web browser that can easily have the displayed data printed on client side. One big advantage of HTML printing is it's truly WYSIWYG, this simple old day requirement is still severely lacking in almost all other HMI/SCADA systems, if not they may require engineer purchase additional plug-in like Crystal Report or Microsoft Excel that introduce additional and repetitive cost.

Note that all printing at client side, i.e. via browser shall invoke a standard printing dialog box so user could choose to print to the desired printer and several other standard printing options. As such automatic printing without user intervention is not possible via HTML code. Some of the I.E. version installed on Windows comes with security loop hole that allows user to bypass this standard printing dialog box with some tricks. However, this is no longer possible with newer version of I.E. and Windows security patches. Engineer is discouraged to design their project based on this loop hole.

IntegraXor provides built-in function print('url', DELAY, 'nu') so that printing without dialog box is possible. Note that this printing is triggered from Server, so it can only print to printer that is within its network reach. More details is described at Logic or Scripting section.