5.7.  Alarm

Alarm is where engineer could configure a list of alarms or events required by a project. Alarm can be treated as Event if needed, engineer only need to group them with another different name.


Name of the alarm, which can be associated to scripting control.


Additional description of the alarm.


Message string to be display or log into database.

Tag Name

Set which tag trigger the alarm.

Triggered by

Show how the alarm is trigger. There are three triggering type:

  • Compare Tag

  • Compare Value

  • On Change


Set comparison condition that trigger the alarm. Comparison conditions:

  • == equal

  • <> not equal

  • < less than

  • > greater than

  • <= less than or equal

  • >= greater than or equal

Limit 1

Compare tag value with this item.

Limit 2

Compare tag value with this item if comparison condition involves two tags.

Deadband Type

Treat deadband parameter as actual, percentage, tag or time delay in second.


Set value of deadband.

Alarm Configuration.

[Tip] Tip

If there are several tags that needs to be combined into one tag, a sample script like below can be of use:

var S1 = getTag ( 'SIM1_Lek');
var S2 = getTag ( 'SIM1_Breuk');
var S3 = getTag ( 'SIM1_Service');
var S4 = getTag ( 'SIM1_Loopim');

//turning on anyone of the tag will trigger the event.
setTag( 'SIM1_Alarm', S1 | S2 | S3 | S4);

And this script can be further simplified into one line in a virtual tag's Tag Expression.

$SIM1_Lek | $SIM1_Breuk | $SIM1_Service | SIM1_Loopim