5.6.4. SMS

SMS output sends the output through SMS based on the listed settings.

[Note] Note

This feature requires an SMS modem (GSM Modem) to be connected to the server.

SMS Port

Sets the COM port where the SMS Modem is attached to.

Port Baud Rate

Sets the SMS port baud rate according to the rate the modem operates.

Data Bits

Sets the number of bits in the bytes transmitted and received.


Sets the parity scheme to be used. The available choices are None, Even parity, Odd parity, Mark parity and Space parity.

Stop Bits

Sets the number of stop bits to be used.

Hardware Flow Control

Enable/Disable hardware flow control.


The recipients phone number. Multiple recipients can be set here by separating them with comma(,).

Content Header

Prepends message before the SMS body.

Content Footer

Appends message after the SMS body.