5.7.1. Alarm Group

Alarms can be combined into the same alarm group if the alarms have the same type, logging database and output format.


Name of the alarm group.


Additional description of the alarm group.


Set the type of alarm. Either it is an ordinary alarm or audit tracking.

Log To

This is the link to Database which indicate which database this alarm group shall store.

Output Format

This is the output format where the alarm group string shall send to.


Specify the priority of the alarm group. The valid value is from 0 to 1000. Priority 0 is the highest, while priority 1000 is the lowest.


Configure the role to view the group of alarms on the Alarm Viewer page at the front end. If no role is configured for a group of alarms, the alarms in that group can be received by all users. If at least one role is selected, only users with that role can receive the alarms.


Choose a sound file for the alarm group. This sound will be played back by the web browser when an alarm from this group is triggered.

Alarm Group Configuration.