14.3.2. SNMP Agent Tag Mapping

This part of the SNMP Agent setup is similar to all the other IO Servers in IntegraXor. Application, virtual or IO tags can be mapped in the SNMP Agent to allow SNMP Managers to retrieve the values of these tags.

SNMP Agent tag mapping configuration.

To map a tag in this table, first the actual tags will need to be added from their respective location. These tags can be from virtual, application or IO drivers list. Right clicking a tag and selecting "Add to IO Server" from the menu and then choosing "SNMP Agent" and then group name followed by "Tag Mapping" will add this tag to the Tag Mapping table. Other parameters would still need to be set to get this to work.


This is the name of the tag that is going to be mapped. This column is read only and filled out automatically depending on the tag added.


The data type of the tag. Read only column for reference.


The name the tag will be mapped to within the Agent.

[Note] Note

Should be distinct and not contain any spaces or symbols.


Describe the tag. Displayed in the MIB file. This field is optional.


The access rights of the tag. The options are READ WRITE and READ ONLY. This setting is only at the tag level.

[Note] Note

For a manager to be able to write a tag, this would have to be set to READ WRITE and the manager's community setting would require READ WRITE access too.


The id for this mapped tag in the form of an integer which is more than 0. This value should be unique to avoid clashing OIDs.


This column is read only and displays the current full Object Identifier(OID) for the mapped tag in the SNMP Agent.