14.3.1. SNMP Agent Groups

The SNMP agent can be sorted into many groups. Each one of these groups will have its own set of Tag Mapping and Traps. Some trap settings are also set at the group level because it will be used for all traps within the group.

SNMP Agent group configuration.


A name for the group. Displayed in the MIB to look-up the group OID. This column should be unique.


Description of the group. Only as reference within the MIB file.

MIB Sub-identifier

An integer which value is more than 0, which is used in the OID to address this group. This value should also be unique between each group.

Trap IP Address

The IP address all the traps in this group would send traps or notifications to.

Trap Port

The port number where the trap is sent. An SNMP Manager that wants to receive traps from this agent would need to listen for traps on this port number. Default value is 162.

Trap Community

The community name of the trap message. default value is "public".