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  • IGX Web SCADA offers fast & simple development as fully functional solution with high performance native drivers, without needing you to know HTML5 & CSS3. It is completely developed based on standard web technologies with Browser Server Thin Client Architecture that comprises of HTML5, CSS3. This mean you can view the mimic in all modern browsers across any device and platform without needing you to install anything at all. This is unlike many vendors claimed to have web SCADA but the prerequisite is to ask you to install all sort of cumbersome plugin, ActiveX, Silverlight and many other proprietary client.Seeing is believing, check out the online demo to see IGX in action now!

    As compare to traditional SCADA that uses raster image that could be pixelated when enlarged, IGX adopted open Scaleable Vector Graphic (SVG) developed by W3C, the standard organization for web content. This mean you have the freedom use any other development tool and port the mimic content to anywhere you like! As the matter of fact, we have developed the SAGE for open source project Inkscape, a graphic designer class graphic editor. This mean you can show to your user that you can create the most impressive surreal graphic that supports retina screen! It's the most powerful SCADA animation graphic editor. And the best thing is it's very user friendly so beginner only need to use the obvious and basic function, and advanced user can delve in further to achieve more fascinating effect.

    SVG file format is not only looks crisp clear and real sharp, the biggest benefit is stated in its name that it's being scaleable, this mean a lot to system integrator that need to deal with various size of screen and resolution. Because you no longer need to worry around the mimic get tilted or out of shape so the look no longer in proportion to the original look. The SVG mimic is scaleable and will automatically fit into the device screen.

    In any case that you need to have one or two workstation being locked to do nothing else but showing the SCADA mimic at all time, you can still opt to protect the system using Kioskit Browser that developed based on Chromium, that's exactly the same code base for Google Chrome. Kioskit is much more than browser in kiosk mode that fully occupied the screen but could not prevent user from exiting using Operating System function keys. This mean user can't close Kioskit browser using Alt+F4, Ctrl+W and so on, and not even using Ctrl+Alt+Del, but only can exit with assigned security credential.

  • IGX designed to integrate with SQL relational database from ground up, and it doesn't contain any proprietary database but always open for external integration with ODBC so long the credential is provided. This mean IGX can integrate with virtually all database system, including two major commercial database: MS SQL & Oracle, as well as two major open source database PostgresQL & MySQL

    The database is used for Alarm, Historian, Reporting and any other storing purpose. This mean you are free to store the production data either locally or remotely, integrate with existing enterprise database, or anything in the cloud, then export the data into CSV for spreadsheet work. Work with any third party database management tool, and also replication system for backing up purpose

    Technically, there's no limit of the storage size but limited according to the disk size. Furthermore, the database system equipped with FIFO management, so you don't have to worry about the database used up the storage space, saving your maintenance work to remove old and unused database.

  • SCADA has got three types of tags, I/O tag (external), virtual tag (internal) and runtime (memory) tag that add during runtime. Only I/O tag is associated to I/O count and virtual & runtime tags has no limit and is completely free!

    The tags are systematically organized under device folder tree, and there's no limit to create the associated device so long the I/O count is within the license configuration.  For instance, if you purchase a license for 32 I/O count, you can then configure 32 tags at different addresses for one device, or 32 devices at different IP with only 1 tag.

    All I/O tags can be formulated with engineering conversion from a simple scaling like x 10 and x 0.1, or to more complicated conversion like Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa, using simple, standard and open JavaScript. Yes, the tag can be freely used with JavaScript in HTML5 world using getTag() and setTag() functions throughout your entire project, from front-end within browser to backend at server side.




  • IGX SCADA is designed for mission critical applications by observing security measures according to OWASP recommendations, it was used by our users in oil & gas industry, airport, hospital, financial hub and even nuclear plant.

    IGX allows you to have user credential control in two aspects. One is the ordinary plant wide Level controls, and another one is a more flexible area oriented Label control. Level Control is pretty straightforward whereby the operation organization chart is pyramid structure, for instance, Engineer, Supervisor and Operator. And Label Control is very versatile, you are allowed to set certain mimic pages for a specific group of operator.

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  • SCADA running in service mode

    Advantages of Service Mode
    • Auto start upon boot up, without signing in.
    • System will continue to run even user sign out.
    • Closing GUI will not disturb operation.
    • No need admin privilege to start, so no UAC prompt.
    • Service mode is more stable because it can auto recover.

    Service module allows non-admin user to run IGX SCADA project in the background, without showing backend interface. This mean no more system prompt upon starting up the SCADA, and no problem when operator closing the GUI. It will auto run upon Operating System startup, without needing user to sign in, and will continue to run at the background even after user sign out from Operating System.

    chrome kiosk mode software

    Ecava Kiosk-it is a Kiosk software developed based on Chromium code base, the very same for Google Chrome. It is secure, compatible & reliable to be used with any HTML5 application. Kiosk-it has all-in-one easy deployment mechanism, you can focus at your application and don't have to worry about any cumbersome registry configuration. This mean you can convert your thin client app to thick client instantly! Kioskit has built-in command line for auto-startup URL.

    IGX is deployed to display its mimic on web browser by default, you have many reasons to put your browser to run on kiosk mode, mainly to run on full screen and stop user from browsing away from your application. However, the standard browser kiosk mode has its limit to stop user to bypass the system keystrokes. Kioskit is designed with this in mind, it will protect beyond browser's extension or plugin could offer: completely protect your application from being access beyond what it should, including stopping user from quitting your application, launching another program or even shutting down the Windows. All these protections are achieved without needing you to purchase any special keyboard or disabling any system key. Kioskit is not just Chromium in kiosk mode, but protect your application down to system level.

      Useful For Varios Kiosk Applications

    • Retail Kiosk
    • Ticket Kiosk
    • Info Kiosk
    • Profile Kiosk
    • Showcase Kiosk
    • Exhibition Kiosk
    • General Kiosk
    • Bank A.T.M.
    • SCADA Workstation

      Below are the keys that will be blocked by Kioskit:

    • Ctrl + Alt + Del
    • Ctrl + Alt + Tab
    • Ctrl + Esc
    • Alt + Tab
    • Ctrl + Tab
    • Alt + F4
    • Ctrl + F4
    • Ctrl + W
    • Win
    • F11

    Adding Redundancy Module into your configuration will double the reliability of your SCADA system by allowing them to run in pair for mission critical operations. Configuring redundancy is as simple as entering a list of peers and then cloning your existing project into another machine, both project configuration on two machines are identical so you only need to maintain one project instead of two.

    Your operator don't have to worry about the status at the back end because IGX Redundancy supports Network Load Balancing so you may enter your cluster IP for your mimic client to automatically point to the active server engine at all time.

    Ensure license for each of the server is identical with Redundancy Module added in each server to get the highest application availability for your SCADA system.


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  • The reasons for choosing IntegraXor are more than one. The main is that we need a web server application 'light' in term of data exchange because we work upon satellite transmissions. We tested several SCADA systems and it seems that IGX is the one that gives the best results.

    Nicola Camorali - Mediterranea di Navigazione S.p.A.; Italy
  • The older hardware was a good reference of how few resources are needed for Integraxor to run and be usable.

    Tanel Truman; Estonia
  • Things are looking very promising and our developers like your concept and the Integraxor software.

    Frits Makkinga - Movares Nederland B.V.; Netherlands
  • Thanks for the support. Now IGX has been working very nicely in every sites!

    Ilpo Hirvasniemi - HI Automation Oy; Finland
  • Up to now we have installed several IGX projects with satisfactory results!

    Luciano Zanollo - FAZA ingeniería SRL; Argentina
  • Based on the experience from buying the software online and help from the support team about technical queries, I could not have asked for any better service than what I have received.

    Rajesh Gupta - Science & Technology Facilities Council; U.K.
  • Already installed your program and seems to have a friendly interface even for people who are not very accustomed to mess with this genre of programs.

    Diogo Pinho - Tecnobento, lda; Portugal
  • Incredible, beautiful, understandable, professional! Your product IntegraXor is very high quality! you are very talented people.

    Danko Dima - International Aluminum Company; Russia
  • It's a great product. I've relied on it for over a year now and recommend it to anyone needing a solid SCADA.

    David Cowell - Grass Valley; U.S.
  • Firstly, it’s look simple and effective, furthermore it’s easy for implementation with our projects.

    Daniel Cáncer - Mexico
  • ... my new dear toy integraXor. I must say it again: I LIKE THIS SOFTWARE. It is intuitive, easy to work with.

    Marius Buhociu - Siselec; Romania
  • So far honestly I think they have near on the best support of all the SCADAs i have worked with.

    Melissa Frahn - CHS Group; Australia
  • Let me first congratulates about your great HMI system. It's such a easy to learn and highest interactive HMI that we have meet.

    Erdet Nasufi; Republic of Serbia
  • So far my experience with Integraxor has been one of the best I've had with any software vendor. Very easy to implement, very user friendly, no hiccups with programming, licensing, or integration. I love the fact that it's all in one, no separate OPC server programs needed. If you guys ever need a reference in the United States, just let me know.

    Andy Jones - Lakefront Brewery Inc.; U.S.
  • We are very content with the software we bought 2 months ago. Now we want to use the software on multiple places.

    Alex Otter - Access Innovations bv; Netherlands
  • We have tried out your SCADA Software with our Instruments and we are very well satisfied with its performance.

    Laxman Patil - Micro Systems & Controls; India

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