15.1. Multiple Network Redundancy

Multiple Network Redundancy enhanced a device/network reliability & efficiency without needing to consider additional cost. It can be implemented on any devices as long as the communication driver is available. The redundancy can be achieved on physical device level or solely on network level when a device with multiple ports is available. IntegraXor Network Redundancy will greatly simplify and speedup the configuration and programming work on Project Editor, whatever need to be configured multiple times will be reduced to only once.

Only one tag will exist in system layer although the tag value can be polled from different channel or devices when it's configured under the same series of device array. This mean user do not need to bother which channel is available but to use the single tag as if it's from one device/channel.

A configuration that enabled physical device redundancy

In this configuration, two identical physical device is needed. They must perform the same function so IntegraXor will virtually treat it as only one device. Only one set of tags need to be entered, and the server will poll from any available device at any one time.

A Network redundancy that solely improves the redundant link

This configuration requires less investment on hardware than the previous configuration as it only improves the network links. The pre-requisite for this configuration is the device must have at least 2 or more communication ports, so that the physical cable can be routed via different channel, and the server will only poll via one channel at any one time.

[Tip] Tip

Not only the numbers of channel is unlimited, but even the protocol can be totally different! This is very useful when some devices provide multiple communication ports but with different protocols, or different physical layer like RS485 can be mixed with RS232 in IntegraXor's configuration.