15.2. Network Redundancy Configuration

Configuring a redundant device/network is fairly straightforward, user only needs to add array symbol [n] at the end of the device name to indicate an array of devices shall be mirroring each other or is under the same channel. The array number must always start by number 1, for instance DeviceA[1], and subsequently DeviceA[2] and so on and so forth. They can be configured under the same or different Communication Port, the system will take care of the rest so long they are of same name with array number.

Once a series of device is put under the same array naming, clicking on any one of them will lead to the same tag entry. Only one time tag entry is needed and IntegraXor will do the tag data reconciliation.

Selecting on Device[2] will show entry for Device[1], indicating they are redundant.

[Note] Note

Although the system allows the device array number to be skipped, user should avoid doing so as the I/O tag count for licensing will be based on the biggest number of array.