6.1. Server Licensing

IntegraXor is a commercial industrial software. It runs with full features in demo mode by default which shall expire in 2 hours everytime it is started. A message will be prompted at Server's status bar upon expiry, just close the server and start over again and no reinstallation is needed. Registered server will run permanently even after any promotion ends as long as authorization is performed successfully.

Note the status bar showing license is expired at the bottom.

IntegraXor server indicates the project expiration status on status bar when a project is running.

IntegraXor uses license request file (*.ila) and license authorization file (*.ila) to facilitate offline license management. Newer version of IntegraXor supports online license activation. User can purchase license key from our website and activate the license key online to enable the purchased module or feature.

You can access license manager from both server and editor. To access license manager, click Help from menu, then click License Manager.... License manager will guide you through the license activation process.