6.1.1. License Activation Flow

We have greatly simplify the license activation flow. User just needs to go through the following steps to activate a project: Register , Purchase license and finally Activate .

Simple project activation flow.

User can choose their preferred method to activate their project. There are mainly 2 ways to activate a project: Online and Offline .

Activation flow under different activation method.

Online activation

If internet connection is available, user can purchase license keys for various modules/features from our online store. Upon successful payment, user will receive an invoice email from us listing license keys for all modules/features purchased.

After receiving invoice email from us, user can starts the online activation process.

Offline activation

If internet connection is not available, user can use the conventional offline activation method. In this method, user exports license request as license request file (*.ilr) from source machine, and bring this file to another machine with internet connection to activate the project. A license authorization file (*.ila) will be generated upon successful activation on another machine.

User needs to bring this license authorization file (*.ila) back to the source machine and import the file to activate the project.