6.1.2. Registering Project

Before a project can be activated, user needs to fill in the registration information.

[Important] Important

Registration information are compulsory . All details must be entered truthfully and correctly. All fields must be completed before a license request can be generated, or a project can be activated.

[Important] Important

The registration information entered cannot be changed after authorization or activation. User needs to ensure the information entered are correct before proceed to activation.

[Important] Important

The license is not transferable from one machine to another machine. Please ensure you are generating license request on the machine designated for site use.

[Note] Project ID

The Project ID is the main reference to the project used in many places, especially the web address link, databases and so on. The default project ID template and other generic names such as project, demo or test will be rejected. A good project ID should not contain spaces or odd characters to avoid any difficulty in typing it out, as it will appear as part of the web address.

[Note] Edition

The license key purchased should match the Edition set in project registration information.

You may change Project ID in editor.

Use mouse click or the arrow keys to navigate from one field to another.