7.2. Scripting and Tag Access

IntegraXor is mainly developed based on standard web scripting language, ECMAScript or better known as JavaScript. IntegraXor may also work with VBScript, but it's use would be restricted to Internet Explorer browser only. Engineers are encouraged to use JavaScript since it is a cross browser language. Anyhow, like Java language, C++, C# and many others, JavaScript is just another C-like language which formed by the most concise format and structure, and it is shortest, simplest and most efficient way to program. New comer may feel not comfortable at first but will soon be able to appreciate it and find other format of languages lengthy and redundant.

To access a tag value from IntegraXor Server, the following line needs to be included into HTML page header section, this is a very essential code snippet to be included into most HTML page that need to communicate with the Server.

<script type="text/javascript" src="./system/scripts/igrX.js"></script>

Engineer only need to type var data = getTag( 'tagname') to read or type setTag( 'tagname', data) to write.

Engineer need to be aware that client (front end) tag access is bound by security checking, if any tag's read or write access is set higher than the default security level, then end user need to login in order to read or write according to the tag's security level.

[Important] Important

The project folder is the web root directory, so the parent folder cannot be accessed from the web browser, so a file path or URL started by "./../" or "../" is not accessible.