5.3.5. I/O Server

I/O server tag is tag defined by yourself into I/O server. I/O server is a virtual device by itself that stores and provides access to values taken from other tags.

The tag values are coming from other tags in the project. These tags can be Application Tag, Virtual Tag and other I/O driver tags.

However, Action Tag is not supported as source of I/O server tag.

To use I/O server tag, please turn ON the I/O server interested.

To create a new I/O server tag, right click on a supported source tag, select Add To IO Server , then select the virtual I/O server device and category you want to add to. Some category may only support certain data type, therefore please select the destination category that matches the data type of the tag selected, otherwise, the tag will not be added to the destination category.

The data type of I/O server tag is tied to data type of source tag.

By default, IntegraXor modules for Modbus server and OPC server are disabled. To use the server, please tick the relevant modules to enable it. The configuration for each server type is available separately as Modbus Server and OPC Server

Modbus server requires an additional setting to be specified in the form of TCP port to listen for incoming traffic. By default, this value is set to port 502.