5.3.2. Action Tag

IntegraXor offers an interactive user action such as acknowledging and disabling alarms. Action tag allows the administrator or system integrator to assign role-based permission to these actions to prevent unauthorized user from executing any of the listed actions.



Tag name of the tag.


The roles who are allowed to read the tag.

[Important] Important

If this field is empty, all login users are able to perform this action.

If this field is not empty, only the users with the role specified can perform this action.


All action tags have a act. prefix.

The following is the list of action tags:


Allows the role specified to acknowledge alarm.


Allows the role specified to disable alarm.


Allows the role specified to print report.


Allows the role specified to export trend data.


Allows the role specified to shutdown a Kioskit connection.

[Tip] Tip

Use copy and paste method for the tag name to avoid mistakes (capitalization, dot location) in typing the longer tag names.