9.2. Set Animation

Set animation is an animation that allows user to write value into a tag (write) directly by clicking the SVG Object, either as string or number. Set animation is not necessary to be text, user can attach Set animation with any SVG Object.

Set Animation

Figure above shows the set animation of an object. There is one mandatory input to be entered: tag. Tag will be the IO tag in IntegraXor server which the user wants to write, where alignment will determine the position of output. Prompt input is a message to be delivered to confirm changes. Type is a drop down menu of 2 choices: Data or Variable. If Type is set to Data, then Source will be the data to write into the associated tag. If Type is set to Variable, then Source will be read as a tag, where the value of the source tag will be written into the associated tag. If Type and Source is not changed (by default), the Set animation will prompt end user an edit box to change value of attached tag on demand.