16.9. Run Project as Service

IntegraXor SCADA system can run project as service. In other words, IntegraXor SCADA server is able to run in the background on Windows OS even without any interactive user logon session.

When a project is configured to run as service, IntegraXor SCADA server will start and run the related project automatically before user logon. Once any user has logged in, he can observe that the server is running at the background.

By enabling a project to run as service mode, user just needs to set the Service Mode to True at General view in Project Editor.

Set the Service Mode to True, at General View in Project Editor.

When a project is running in service mode, there is an indication icon at the status bar.

An indication icon at status bar shows that the project is running as service mode.

[Important] Important

The enable/disable of service mode only will take effect when restarting the project.