16.10. Publishing SCADA to the Internet

 Internet Gateway Xcess

Internet Gateway Xcess is a feature within IntegraXor that allows you to publish your SCADA application to be accessible from an external network without the need to own a static external IP address. This can be done with minimal configurations within the Project Editor. Once set up, a link would be created for you to publish and allow authorized users to connect to your SCADA from virtually anywhere in the world.

This task running inside IntegraXor will make certain that everything is set up to be able to access your SCADA from the internet. This includes setting up port forwarding,

[Note] Note

This feature should automatically run in any project that has yet to be configured. It can be turned off by disabling it within the Project Editor.

Project Editor Configuration

This feature would run as long as it is enabled with the default settings in the Project Editor. However, configuring it, will allow customization to certain parts of this feature.


This is used in the URL created to be published. If this is left empty (default) then the project ID will be used. In both cases, it the ID is not available the ID will be appended to allow the link to still be created.


This is the external Port number that will used for port forwarding. If this is left empty, the web server's port would be used or any random port number if that is already taken.

 Running the Server

When running the server, the "Internet Gateway Xcess" task will be enabled and running in the task list. Selecting this will display all messages relating to this feature. When the task is starting, it will do the port forwarding to tell the router, or Internet Gateway Device (IGD) to forward any external request for a chosen port to direct it to IntegraXor.

[Warning] Warning

The port forwarding process uses UPnP(Universal Plug and Play) to communicate with the router. In some cases this may fail, then this process will just be skipped for now and the link will still be created, although it may not work. Some steps can be taken to make this work and it will be explained in the next section.

After the portforwarding process, a link will be produce (appears in the the log). This is the link that should be used to share and publish the SCADA. At certain intervals the external IP will be checked and updated to enable the link to always point to the correct dynamic IP address.

 Port Forwarding

Internet Gateway Xcess uses UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) to communicate with the router or internet gateway device. The main reason for this is to allow external access to IntegraXor web server. By default the same port number as the web server port will be forwarded if available. This can also be fixed in the Project Editor settings. By setting it, port forward will attempt to use this setting and would not opt to find another available one if unavailable.